Summary Synthesis

I feel like I am about to write a breakup letter to Plymouth State and the Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) program which makes me a bit sad and happy at the same time. Sad because the IDS program saved my education and my passion for learning. Happy because, I DID IT! I am graduating, I compiled my years worth of work into two amazing projects, and I truly learned more about who I am as a student, a professional, a mom, and as myself. I created a degree in Health Advocacy, which combines an understanding of individual and community health, psychosocial sciences, nursing, health education and promotion, and social work. Across these domains, the knowledge contributes to skills for effective communication, active listening, evidence based practices, and knowledge based in health education to advocate for personal, lifestyle, community, and possibly global changes.

Research Article- A Sex-phobic Nation in a Sex-centric Society: The drive to change sexual education

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I choose to write a research article about sexual education because of its interdisciplinary nature. Sexual education is complex and is decided by more than what is written in a text book. I feel many do not understand how political, policy based, and psychological the decision for what type of sexual education is taught. The complexity of the topic creates for controversy which is why I felt it was important to challenge myself to identify where there is room for improvement and acceptance of the education. This also allowed me to gain resources as to how to advocate for changes. Much of my research provided lists of ways to be a voice for change which is important to learn how to advocate on a policy level. I have taken courses as to how to promote change, but this allowed me to expand learning to advocate for changes that influence our youth.

Applied Project

Just another mommy blog? Not exactly. I choose to create a platform for self-care and mental wellness for mothers specifically because being a mother is one of the largest self-identified barriers to health. I created an educationally based, accessible, and understandable base for mothers to work on understanding their barriers and how to overcome them. Much of what is available on the internet is someone trying to sell you something; I simply want to expand the understanding that achieving wellness is multidimensional and easier than most think. Through an open access resource, I was able to marketing wellness in simple ways and work towards selling health as a lifestyle through simple behavior changes. This project is a combination of what my major is, in that it is health promotion, an understanding of lifestyle barriers to change and health, and encompassing to the six main dimensions of health; physical, social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and environmental.


Farewell (for now) to college education. I feel fulfilled by the work I have done in each of my courses, especially in the work completed for my research article and applied project. These final assignments felt less like assignments and more like personal statements about who I am, what I have learned, and who I want to be. Interdisciplinary studies has taught me to look beyond and beneath what is in front of me.There is always more to the story. This is a lesson that can be applied to anything I do after graduation. From my education, I have gained the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to explore matters of health in an encompassing way to better service myself and anyone whiling to listen. Everyone has a story to tell and it is now up to me to listen and expand their knowledge, skills, and attitudes♥


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