Strength in Numbers

Many things possess strength in numbers:

  1. Eating too many mini M&M’s can cause a stomach ache (writing this with regret for my most recent food choice)
  2. A herd of puppies can increase happiness by 100000% (check the facts it’s true)
  3. Social media posts evoking awareness for a topic.

As I use twitter to expand my personal learning network, I have been flooded by tweets regarding women’s rights and health. Recently on the topics of birth control and sexual harassment.

Tweet by Stephanie Ruhle

I have chosen to write a research article about sex education which, for many, is such a frowned upon topic. It is something many would rather just not talk about. WHY?!! I have no idea, I could read about it and talk about it for years. There should be nothing embarrassing or taboo about educating individuals on all things regarding human interactions. Grandma and grandpa have sex, your parents have sex *GASP*, that’s how you got here. The tweet above sparked a fire in me because of the entire issue around birth control rights- don’t even get me started on that, I’ll probably save that issue for another post, BUT in the context of my research it made me think. It made me reflect on reasons why there are groups of people who believe talking about sex promotes sex. It truly makes me LOL when I see something regarding how sex education simply makes horny teenagers engage in sex more when we should be stopping them from it. I understand the thought, I completely do, but my oh my they have so much to learn about sex education. Luckily for them, I am going to write a wonderful piece about just what sex education does for our future generations! The more we have people sharing tweets like that, the more we have people expressing how sex education saves lives, and the more we normalize the topic of sex, the easier it becomes for people to feel safe in relationships and with themselves.


BBC News (World) Tweet

On the idea of normalization; something which should not be normalized is sexual harassment. I know you have all seen the #MeToo posts shared across all social media platforms within the last week. I came across this article before the movement started and it has stuck with me. As the caption of the tweet says ‘I take selfies with men who harass me’ is about a 20 year old female who took a selfie with everyone who harassed her during her daily routines. Noa Jansma embarked on a month long project.

“She says she didn’t want to just ignore it because it “felt weird” that the men could get away with saying whatever they wanted without consequence.

So Noa started asking them for a selfies. She says many were “proud” to have been asked for a picture.”

The article about her projects states that she did not tell the people what the photos were for, but one person asked and still wanted to take a photo even after hearing the answer. The amount of ok-ness the men had for their actions is scary. This is something that happens daily for women of all ages and it is a problem of safety, health, and for the world. As Noa finished the month, she shared her wish to make this a world wide project or campaign, if you will, to heighten the awareness around how this is a real issue all around the world.

Strength in numbers for topics like these are what makes platforms like twitter a wonderful educational tool. They create a drive for change and evoke a call to action. I conclude my post with three simple daily tips all should abide by:

  1. Be kind.
  2. Be thoughtful
  3. Be united


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  1. This post is assembled like a collage, and it’s one of my favorite things about it! The way you patch together lists, tweets, images, and reflection make this multimedia post really come alive, and the casual tone you adopt in your writing makes me feel like I am talking to a friend, which makes me really engage with what you’re talking about.

    The combination of your tweets and your posts really help establish you as an emerging young voice on social media for women’s rights and feminism.

  2. kat

    I love how thoroughly you make your points, but also back it up using other peoples’ stories. Your ideas are heard, but you also did a great job of speaking out for others. Not necessarily speaking FOR them, but making sure they are heard. It is a fantastic post.

  3. Ke

    I really like your post! You always put so much personality into your posts and it’s great! I feel like sex education is very important and many schools don’t know how to teach it effectively. I’m excited to read your research article!

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