My 5 Favorite Twitter Accounts

I have been using Twitter for less than a year for professional and academic purposes. At the beginning, I felt like I was talking to myself and following a bunch of accounts that were relevant, yet a bit unhelpful. What I failed to understand was that I was doing this “adulting” twitter thing all WRONG. For about a month now, I still felt a little confused as to how to make this work to get the most out of my personal learning network.

Have no fear friends, I have figured it out!!

I feel more confident in my ability to build knowledge, expand resources, and speak (or type) with intent of sharing informative information. This confidence comes from a built understanding of my passions. Passions which I found through twitter accounts! Health Advocacy can be utilized in a plethora of ways for a multitude of topics which is why I feel it is important for myself to figure out what areas I want to focus my attention on. Without further or do, here are 5 of my favorite Twitter accounts!




The Society for Public Health Education, known as SOPHE, is hands down one of my favorite organizations pertaining to my Health Advocacy major. SOPHE is home to an abundance of resources for individuals in health education, promotion, and advocacy. They are grounded in building a society of health through healthy and active lifestyles. They share tweets of upcoming webinars, health toolkits and twitter chats on summit happenings. Following SOPHE on twitter allows to me to keep up to date on professional happenings and equips me with tools for application of my knowledge.






The International Women’s Health Coalition @Intl’Women


The International Women’s Health Coalition or IWCH “recognizes that women’s and girls’ human rights, health and equality are essential to social, environmental, and economic justice for all.”. Although the work they do is particularly for women and adolescent girls in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East, the global perspective of women’s health and rights is informative. The work of the coalition supports and strengthen’s the international and U.S. polices, programs, and funding at all community and global levels. Their twitter feed is filled with stories of struggle and strength for women’s reproductive and health rights. The abundance of articles of women’s health perspectives from around the world are educational and empowering.




Mental Health First Aid @MHFirstAidUSA



The Mental Health First Aid twitter account is one which I just so happened to stubble upon and I am SO happy I did. From stories of hope and courage, community resources, and training courses to become certified in Mental Health First Aid or an instructor, the organization is filled with resources to make a difference. The aim is to make Mental Health First Aid as common as CPR and it is thought provoking. There has been such a stigma around receiving help for mental illness. This is one of the many ways to reduce that stigma and make help more affordable and accessible. Building a community of wellness includes mental wellness and I am excited to pursue more education into how to make that possible.




Beth Frates, MD @BethFratesMD



Beth Frates, MD is one of my favorite people to follow on twitter! Her focus on wellness rather than illness is refreshing and aligns with the healthcare I wish to focus on too. Her website and twitter feed shares that the wellness journey is about managing everyday stressors, enjoying physical activity, creating a wellness vision unique to you, identifying motivators, and utilizing your strengths. Something I found fascinating is that she is a Lifestyle Medicine Specialist which is a unique and fairly new specialization which aims to reduce lifestyle-related death and disease. Lifestyle Medicine is something I will be spending much more time looking into with the help of Beth’s twitter shares!



Denise McDermott MD @DrDeniseMD


I have found more motivation and felt more passion from Denise McDermott, MD than any other account on twitter. Her website says it all best “Her approach is to encourage people to believe in wellness, not illness, and to lead a balanced healthy lifestyle.” Through videos, podcasts, articles,  a published eBook, and personal sharing, her twitter is filled with empowerment, mindfulness, wellness, and open communication to better all aspects of an individual’s health. Her promotion of her eBook titled Mental Health and How to Thrive has had an impact on me and my choices for continuing education. I have started to read her book (VERY reasonably priced on Amazon) and will continue to follow her account for academic, professional, and personal gains.





I want to say that these accounts are not listed in any order of importance for me and there are many, many other’s which I find valuable! But in this moment, at this point in discovering my passions, these are the top 5 twitter accounts which have expanded my academic and personal learning exponentially. When using twitter as a form of personal social media, my feed was full of silly memes, college jokes, cute babies, and inappropriate jokes. I am amazed at how much my professional/academic twitter has become so personal. I feel this is what I want to see daily, this is what I want to be knowledgeable about, and this is who I am. With that, follow me on twitter @madisongr_  to stay up to date on who I am!!



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  1. What a great list, and it’s so well-presented with the screen shots. I hope others interested in Women’s Health find their way to this curated collection of accounts, and I hope other students see the enthusiasm that permeates your network engagement– it’s inspiring to watch you connect your studies to the vibrant world outside our university!

  2. Kayleigh Bennett

    Madisen, this is great. I really appreciate the way you formatted this post in clear, easy to read chunks. Future health related IDS majors will thank you for this as you’ve given them a cheat sheet for the beginnings of their PLN’s.

  3. lnn1010

    First off, I want to thank you for sharing these accounts as I’m going to follow them right after I finish this comment! If I’m being completely honest, I hated the idea of having a twitter account, because like you said, I knew it would be filled with irrelevant jargon and memes. I have however found the legitimacy in it with a little digging and patience.

    I love that you’ve created a network that provides you with such valuable and interesting information! Awesome job!

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